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Empowering volunteers with the right tools and resources to work for passion

Volunteer Abroad was created in 2018 to create focus around the profound power of dedicated voluntary work, in collaboration with some of the transparent non-profit and non-governmental organizations, with an objective to address the world crisis matters.

Volunteer Abroad strives to help both the volunteers and the organizations by delivering a high-quality service in terms of providing dedicated and skilled volunteers as well as trustworthy, verified and authentic organizations.

We help to create an environment of safe volunteering abroad.


Our volunteering philosophy revolves around creating change in the lives of people and living creatures by providing a better quality of life and resources so that they continue to thrive on.

Volunteer Abroad believes in volunteering in an efficient way. We represent the interests in volunteering abroad to transparent and innovative non-government and non-profit organizations.

As a company, Volunteer Abroad aligned its value-driven goals with the United Nations world goals on sustainability as Volunteer Abroad sees great importance in solving world problems through meaningful collaborations.