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Volunteer Abroad provides the service of advertising for green start-up companies. We want to help companies developing and focusing on sustainability and therefore we want to help them get a strong workforce.


Nuts for better life on land

Nøddeskal imports organic walnuts and hazelnuts from the founders home country of Bulgaria. They implement the UN sustainable development goals through out their value chain and focus right now on planting 600 hazelnut trees in Bulgaria providing work for the local farmers as well as contributing to the environment (touching upon goal 15; life on land).

The volunteer job:

  • Marketing assistance

  • Fundraiser


Let elephants be elephants

When you visit EVT you can be assured that your trip will not harm the elephants and that your money will go to benefit elephant welfare and conservation efforts. Both of our elephant sanctuaries practice some of the highest ethical animal welfare and care standards in South East Asia.

The volunteer job:



Having volunteers in a start-up is extremely valuable as you first of all as you usually just dont have the capital to pay salary- not yet. Second of all, having volunteers helps you train them very well before you have to pay salary, so once you do get a bit of money to pay them, then they are completely ready and have already been through the introduction period. What I personally love is to see how they can create their own role and that role can often lead to a position in management rather them having to work their way up. You also get a chance to find people for your team who truly are passionated as they are willing to volunteer first. Super efficient. We then focus on the fact that it is green start-up companies that should have volunteers as their time will then truly benefit something greater for the planet.

"Eva, Founder"

Volunteering with a strong purpose and making a difference - that’s been my experience so far while working with Volunteer Abroad. I joined on April 2019 and since then, I got some super cool opportunities to create something substantial for the company with my expertise and skills within Marketing and Communications. In a short time-span, collaborating with Eva and other colleagues in the team, a lot of important developments happened - creating a social media plan, content strategy, brand manual and reviewing the overall marketing efforts. Achieving something valuable always keeps you motivated and that’s how I feel right now!

"Anuradha, Volunteer"